Ector County Case Study Asset Image (2024)


How Ector County ISD Drove 82% Reading Growth & 49% Math Growth

Case Study

In 2019, Ector County ISD began the school year with a staggering 350 teacher vacancies, leading to overcrowded classrooms and the use of non-certified substitutes. Recognizing the pressing need for innovative solutions to these challenges, district leaders took the initiative to explore options.

At the end of their exhaustive search, Ector County ISD moved forward with FEV Tutor, and our high-impact tutoring program yielded substantial academic outcomes for the district:

  • 49% accelerated growth in math
  • 82% accelerated growth in reading
  • 91% decrease in teacher vacancies 

Our new case study explores Ector County’s journey with FEV Tutor.

Learn how they increased their Texas Accountability Rating from A ‘D’ To A ‘B’ and decreased teacher vacancies by 91%.

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