Reducing the Achievement Gap: New Report


Closing the COVID Learning Gap

What the Numbers Tell Us

Achievement gaps in math and reading place a heavy burden on school districts nationwide. District leaders are desperate to help their students and find a solution to this learning loss. And many have been asking, "Could high-impact tutoring be that solution?" 

We partnered with JoinIn Ventures, an educational research firm, to explore that very question. Together, we analyzed the effects of tutoring on 3,244 grade school students from 14 different states using archival data from the NWEA database.

Our new report, “Reducing the Achievement Gap: An Analysis of the Effects of High-Impact Tutoring During COVID And Beyond,” showcases the significant positive effects that high-impact tutoring had on students. The numbers show that students who received tutoring from FEV Tutor experienced accelerated math and reading growth across all grade levels—bringing them closer to NWEA norms. 


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